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Creación de instrumentos con materiales reciclados
Our workshops are a journey through new worlds led by instruments. Embracing creativity and placing no limits on imagination, we will come to realise that recycling is the path towards a better world.

By using recycled materials and objects that we regularly use at home, we will discover how to build musical instruments. We will learn and understand how instruments work and how to use tools.

Trakamatraka workshops are much more than a simple musical activity: they are a means of developing skills, imagination, environmental awareness and creativity.

We will explore different families of instruments - such as wind, membranophone, idiophone and string – having fun as we learn the basics of how they work and their acoustic principles.

  • To delve into and understand, through experimentation, exploration and discovery, the acoustic physics which controls how musical instruments work and are applied, in addition to the main techniques used to produce sound.
  • To arouse curiosity towards music (and other arts and sciences), highlighting their presence in everyday life and providing attractive examples using familiar objects.
  • To build instruments from each family using everyday or recycled materials.
  • To gain awareness of and a critical, reflective outlook on pollution, contamination and irresponsible consumption.
  • To discover, understand and use basic vocabulary and concepts related to music, sound and instruments themselves.
  • To use instruments as a means of personal and autonomous representation and of social and emotional communication.
  • To enjoy producing personal creations and boost confidence and self-esteem through this process.
  • To gain skills in handling the tools used to produce instruments.
  • To appreciate musical and cultural diversity through different instruments and a repertoire from around the world.
  • Presentation of the workshop; explanation of how it works and what it aims to do.
    We will begin by showing different instruments built with recycled materials, aiming to attract participants’ interest in the upcoming workshop and demonstrate the musical potential of creations using these materials.
  • Attendees build instruments. The instruments created will depend on the age range of the participating group.
  • Basically, we aim to build one or two instruments from each of the different families. Self-evaluation, conclusion.
  • Final concert. A musical theme will be explored using the instruments produced.
  • Workshops last an hour and a half.
  • Workshops can be modified, by prior arrangement, depending on the age of the participants attending.
  • Ratio: to consult.
  • Show suitable for libraries, classrooms, playgrounds, conservatoires, theatres, festivals, street.
  • Minimum age of 4.
  • The programme can be taught in English, Basque or Spanish.
  • Prices - on request
  • Both the instruments produced and the tools used can be adapted to the age group participating in the activity. Trakamatraka can provide the necessary materials and tools, on the condition that this is confirmed in advance.
  • Workshops are divided into 4 main groups:
  • Early years education: 4 to 7 years
  • Primary education: 7 to 12 years
  • Secondary education: 12 to 18 years
    Higher education or adults: These workshops can be extended on request, allowing attendees to delve much deeper into the subject matter.
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