A new approach to understanding, loving and connecting with music

Hoses which create jazz rhythms, yoghurt pots which become didgeridoos, mayonnaise lids which set the pulse of jotas, buckets brimming with African beats, tubes which produce contagious melodies... We can find all this at Trakamatraka: a project bringing together music and recycling, creativity and imagination, musical diversity and respect for the environment.

Through workshops and educational concerts, we aim to bring music closer to participants in an enjoyable way, whilst also raising awareness of recycling as the path towards a better world.

This project will see us create and transform objects discarded by our society, making them into something as wonderful as musical instruments.

A fun, interactive way to learn, allowing attendees to create and to also enjoy, discover and mould silence.

Here is a small sample of what we do and how well we have it in our concerts and workshops.





Jon Urrutia (Bilbao, 1978). He studied guitar and violin at the “Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga” Conservatoire (Bilbao). He also studied Musical Education and Anthropology (EHU/University of Deusto).

He then moved on to the electric guitar, taking part in projects involving different styles, such as rock, jazz, world music...

Next, he continued to research and study other instruments, both percussion and wind, alongside harmony, composition techniques, arrangement, etc...

He has been taught by and attended seminars led by a wide range of maestros: Carlos Velasco, Miguel Salvador, Blas Fernandez, Efrén López, Sofia Ribeiro, Miguel Gil, Iñaki Salvador, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Kenny Barron, Luis de Pablo, Raul Marquez, Diego Galaz, Eliseo Parra…

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